Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small Details

Small Details

Sony's House.  I get to drive the bug.
  • The toilet paper doesn't have cut-lines. So you better use the cutting-cover.
  • Instead of cookies, pancakes with sweet bean paste
  • $2.50 for an apple (everywhere)
  • Rice, soup, veggies, and eggs or beans for breakfast.  (And Lukas is loving it!)
  • The air is so full of the things farmers burn and gardeners spray that my nose and throat are sore.
  • The sun rises at 4am.  
  • Gas costs $6.50 a gallon (and is sold by the liter).
  • The bathtub downstairs has its own panel for heating the water.  
  • Toilet lids rise on their own when you enter the room... 

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  1. love this list.. was it the same when you were there last time?