Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kiddie Pool

It was so hot today, I grabbed my suit and jumped in.  (Shock and laughter pealing off the midwives here!)
Then I was cool.  For a couple of hours.  Saito-san read an article from the Japanese version of Midwifery Today to me, to my utter pleasure.  (My salary, I told her.)
Then Ryutaki-san took me to a Cedar "Bath" that was actually cedar, ground like sawdust, in a large vat.  We entered separate "baths" and to my utter surprise, the dark brown stuff sank under my weight.  The ladies covered us in the hot moist sawdust and left us there for ten minutes.  It was strange, lovely, enveloping, and finally, a little frightening as I became hotter and hotter.
When I spoke with the lady who gave me a little facial before burying me, I discovered she birthed at Saito Birth House herself.  9 years ago.  Mr. Saito found her file on the computer quickly.
Ryutaki and I laughed so hard a few times on our little vacation, I had to hold my stomach.

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