Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Few Days

Kotake (Little Bamboo)-san invited me to this sacred, ancient, magical bamboo grove after our prenatal with a client who was 41 weeks 2 days.  We drank this rich foamy green tea (matcha), I marveled at the beauty and coolness.  She showed me an alternate route back to the Birth House: along the scenic Kamakura-Enoshima coastline.  We rode our motorbikes, skimming past cars in the beating down heat.  Exhilarating.
 Sunrise.  Baby # 9 came amid the pounding of drums in a once-a-year all night long festival. 

Here, the student nurse connects with Baby 9 as she bathes her.
Mama of Baby 9 was absolutely confident and knew exactly what she wanted.
Kuma-chan, Kaneko-san and I went to Kanasashi Farm for some homemade gelato.

It was so hot, the gelato was dripping all over and we had to eat it very quickly!

Rice fields along the way...
Remember? this is what the rice fields looked like at end of May...